NYCxDesign 2024: Marrimor’s Touf and Draft

NYCxDesign 2024: Marrimor’s Touf and Draft

Fresh off the heels of their stunning display at Salone, where the “Associatives” exhibit transformed the Casa del Custode to depict the transformative phases of creation and design, Vancouver brand Marrimor comes to NYCxDesign with much the same goal in mind: immerse the public in the process of “capturing the extraordinary and complex part of the mind that develops original and innovative thought.”

Marrimor Draft rug in process yellow and gray
The exhibit features two pieces: Draft textile (above and below) is a very literal demonstration of vision coming to fruition. A collection of rugs emerging from arduous color studies and experimentation with ridges and valleys of texture, Draft is both an expression of blocked vision (augmented with the addition of crumpled blank pages throughout the exhibit) and a celebration of anticipated artistic achievement.
Draft and Touf with crumpled white sheets

Touf, to the contrary, is the flip-side of process—an established, award-winning piece much-lauded for its innovation and functionality.

Touf in midnight blue
The collection of custom side tables/poufs “have been meticulously crafted to have an undeniable synergy with the rugs.” These monochromatic objects offer a literal and figurative grounding effect, making for a nice contrast to the ethereal nature of the in-process textiles.
Marrimor exhibit with three Toufs and partial view of Draft

The Yin/Yang effect of draft and Touf is an organic corollary of the perspectives of Marrimor’s founders. Interior and Product Design duo Tanja Breadner and Lauren Bugliarisi, routinely engage in what they call a “relentlessly collaborative process,” Tanja drawing on her Swiss roots of refinement and Lauren on her East Coast drive: “Together they create through playful debate, continually pushing their respective boundaries to reach that goldilocks-like zenith between too little and too much. They know they’ve landed as soon as they agree.”

Three Toufs in blue, red, and black/gray

See Marrimor at NYCxDesign, May 19-22. And don’t miss their special event on May 21st from 11:30am – 1pm at M2L’s Gallery, 10 E. 38th. Street.

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