NeoCon 2023 Preview: HBF Textiles Reunion Collection

NeoCon 2023 Preview: HBF Textiles Reunion Collection

Coming to a NeoCon near you (and it’s closer than you might think, at a mere 16 days away), new fabrics from HBF Textiles! The Reunion collection offers all the comfort and homecoming you could hope for. Maybe you’ll Gather (pardon the pun, but it’s the first textile in the collection) at the fair and reacquaint yourself with past colleagues and new friends.

Gather swatches

Above is Gather, a “tenderly twisted, bundled, and collected bouquet of chenile yarns.” The speckled palette gives it personality, and the soft cloth feel makes it eminently tactile and supremely comforting.

Gather on chair with a chenile type look in off-white

Next in our Reunion tour… Ms. Quilty 2.0. This classic vintage look by N.Y. superstar Ghislaine Vinas is an indoor/outdoor fabric in a matelassé construction with an intriguing repeating motif inspired by ocean mollusks.

Ms. Quilty 2.0 from Reunion Collection
Ms. Quilty detail on cushions in sea green and yellow

Comfort Zone is a polyester/cotton yarn with a velvety feel. And who doesn’t love a velvety feel? Plus: color! With 22 vibrant shades, Comfort Zone will help you find your happy place.

Comfort Zone collection vibrant, velvet-like fabric on pillows

Here’s Tête-à-tête. Something about this semi-stretch fabric that seems to love upholstery speaks to intimate exchanges. Simultaneously subdued and exuberant, Tête-à-tête embraces any mood.

Tête-à-tête swatches, all colors
Tête-à-tête from Reunion collection on chair in a rusty-brown color

Lastly, I confess my bias for Lawn Chair. Designed by Mary Jo Miller, Lawn Chair is inspired by the 60’s friends group of Miller’s mother—the “Coffee Clutch Crew”—and their routine gatherings perched upon the vintage aluminum-frame, woven-strap lawn chairs that are doubtless familiar to anyone who came of age in the 60s or 70s. The scaled-up plaid pattern heightens the reminiscence for this heartfelt homage.

Lawn chair in red/yellow/pink colorway. Detail.
Lawn chair from Reunion collection on cushions in four colors.

Reunion seems tailor-made for summer. Adjectives like “light,” “fresh,” and “cool” come to mind when considering the collection as a whole. Says Miller, VP of Design and Creative Direction, “Inseparable in spirit, yet each strong enough to stand on their own, the members of this family work with one another and have their own unique personalities… the Reunion Collection has been a true labor of love.”

All Reunion fabrics in blue/gray colorway

Find out more at HBF Textiles. And don’t forget to visit them at NeoCon 2023, June 12 -14 at THE MART.

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