Point’s Bay Collection for Summer Relaxation

Point’s Bay Collection for Summer Relaxation

Bay, from Coral Gables, FL-based Point., is a darling duo of chaise lounge and side table made from sustainably sourced Teak.

Bay Collection two sun loungers with table

Does the name give away the duo’s ocean-side aspirations? That’s the idea, as the streamlined form and white fabric evoke the architecture and aesthetic of the sails of a ship, “the seafaring spirit of a yacht club reinterpreted for terraces and gardens.”

Bay Collection sun loungers detail

Lest Bay run the risk of seeming exclusionary, both chaise and table are designed for versatility, with a classic aesthetic that integrates with other pieces and, accordingly, adapts to any environment.

Bay Collection side table detail

Finish options for the lounge and table include natural and weathered teak. The latter offers a green-gray cast reflective of stormier seas, while the former keeps it light, bright, and inviting.

Bay Collection loungers poolside with lots of greenery surrounding

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