Juliette Chair by Nika Zupanc for Houtique

Juliette Chair by Nika Zupanc for Houtique

The Juliette Chair designed by Nika Zupanc for Houtique is all personality. She’s not Juliet, she’s Juliette. According to her profile bio (a/k/a product description), Juliette is “a well-mannered chair that knows when to go crazy. A chair that blushes but talks without limits nor filters.” As Houtique puts it, Juliette is “a new inhabitant of [our] sexy, lux[e], and fun universe.”

Juliette Chair in situ

Juliette rides the line between madness and discretion. She’s like an old best friend. She knows your secrets (because you told them to her…) but she never promised to always keep them. She’s elegant. She’s delicate. And, she’s slightly dangerous. When you spend time with Juliette, one never knows what’s going to happen next…

Juliette Chair designed by Nika Zupanc

Again, we’re talking about a lounge chair in the shape of a mini throne here, but don’t you feel like you already know her, or know someone just like her?

Juliette Chair with white cushion

As for her materials, Juliette is made of steel (literally), but steel that has been bathed in 24 carat gold. How else would Juliette get her golden charm?

Juliette Chair with a burgundy cushion

Her sieve-like texture and feminine skirt frame adds to her persona, and her rounded edges is all 1970s nostalgia rushing back in. The velvet plush cushion, which comes in a myriad of colors, adds even more style, class, and comfort.

Juliette Chair in situ with a velour-like backdrop

Juliette hails from Valencia, Spain, and she’s meant to come across as full-on glamour and luxury. One might envision Juliette as a stirring choice in a bar or as a cool accent in a laid-back but deliciously designed lounge. She’s sure of herself, but in the best of ways.

3rings recently covered Nika Zupanc’s new collection Melt Me from Driade which was also envisioned in a larger-than-life format on the streets of Milan at Salone del Mobile.Milano in mid-April.

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