Hightower’s Lana Seating is Lush and Lively

Hightower’s Lana Seating is Lush and Lively

Hightower’s Lana Seating is “inspired by the organic beauty of the shore and mountains.”

Hightower's Lana Seating sofa and chair's in pleasant room

This is apropos given that Lana is a child of San Sebastian in Spain, a beautiful nexus of sea and hill with a striking juxtaposition between its languorous bay and three majestic mountains.

Hightower's Lana Seating chair in bedroom

Just so, Lana is simultaneously curvaceous and stable, dynamic and flowing but with a marked sense of solidity.

Hightower's Lana Seating back of sofa

The Lana family includes seat, sofa, bench, and the companion Aia pouf. Bases are available in wood or epoxy-coated steel. Multiple upholstery are available too: check out the list of approved fabrics on the Hightower website.

Hightower's Lana Seating overhead view of chairs and sofa

Lana definitely has a residential vibe, which makes it eminently versatile. The product family works for hospitality venues as well as commercial spaces with a resimercial feel.

Hightower's Lana Seating sofa and chairs in front of window with nature view

See Hightower for further details. And go to Designer Pages Media to see more furniture from Hightower.

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