ICFF 2024: 9 & 19 by Daniel Lefkowitz

ICFF 2024: 9 & 19 by Daniel Lefkowitz

9 &19 is one of the exhibitors at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) this year in New York City. The numerical brand is a small furniture studio in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia founded by designer and furniture maker Daniel Lefkowitz. At the center of the practice is a playful but elegant aesthetic and an emphasis on form and material.

CT07 coffee table

CT07 is a coffee table made of four pieces of wood. Reminiscent of puzzles that are challenging to assemble, the table presents a very different view from each of its sides.  The table can function as a work of art, central to the room, or its different levels can act as display shelves for your favorite objects.

CT07 coffee table

Tactile and interactive, CT07 reworks the concept of furniture—the table goes from a passive object to an animated subject.

CB01 cabinet

Another interesting piece by 9 & 19 is CB01, a cabinet made from PaperCrete. PaperCrete combines recycled newspaper, wood shavings, and Portland cement, which produces a warm, natural texture and soft feel. Available with single or double doors, CB01 features rustic handles. Like interesting sticks you just found in your walk through the woods, they beckon to be touched. Available in a variety of pigmented finishes.

M02 mirror

9 & 19 also uses PaperCrete to great effect in their M02 mirror. An organic circle that is perfectly imperfect, M02 mixes a variety of pigmented colors. While it comes in a standard 32”diameter, the mirror can also be custom-ordered to a specific size. Wavy and weathered, M02 resembles a modern relic dug up during a bout of urban exploration.

S01 lounge

Playfulness and functionality collide beautifully in 9 & 19’s S01 lounge, “a minimalist object designed for lounging whilst one skips church and all of the other important things you should be doing.” S01 is a simple, functional piece of furniture that can be used for lounging, even for tall people, because its open end provides additional foot room. The lounge is really a platform with one handle and a back, making its wood sides double as built-in tables—handy for holding a glass of absinthe on one end and a book on the other.

Visit 9 & 19 at Booth W949 at ICFF 2024 from May 19-21. The International  Contemporary Furniture Fair brings together over 450 established and emerging design brands from more than 35 countries.

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