Elvari Washroom Accessories by Bradley

Elvari Washroom Accessories by Bradley

Elevate the bathroom experience with Elvari, a suite of stainless-steel, satin-finish commercial washroom accessories that promises cohesive design with a contemporary aesthetic.

Elvari LED mirrors above sink

All items in the Elvari line are unified by their pill-shape, a “Euro-style” look that’s both soft and streamlined, integrating subtle curves and smooth edges to mirrors, grab bars, wash receptacles, paper/soap dispensers and more.

Suite of washroom accessories: grab bars, hooks, mirrors, paper/soap dispensers

Additional advanced features include a patented magnetic locking system, easy-to-read indicator, anti-slam operation, and easy-feed function—facilitating safe, speedy refills w/o damaging walls.

Elvari hand dryer

“The minimalist design of the accessories will seamlessly integrate into any commercial washroom setting whether a boutique hotel, eclectic coffee shop, high-end retail store, upscale restaurant or corporate office.”

shelves and hooks

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