Barberry by Deniz Aktay

Barberry by Deniz Aktay

The Barberry Coffee Table by Deniz Aktay via Behance is this designer’s own take on the current Barbie trend. This coffee table has a folded metal tabletop appearance that rises up like a spiral staircase.

Product image of Barberry Coffee Table

The step-up metal sheet is separated into four equal parts, each offering another level surface.

Barberry table in situ

A chrome-plated support tube is the only other element. This style of design brings to mind cantilever chairs.

Macro shot of Barberry coffee table

“I wanted to give the metal sheet a very bright finish so I decided to use pink both to have a very fresh colour and to follow the current Barbie trend,” the Stuttgart, Germany-based designer said.

Aerial view of Barberry Coffee Table

Aktay studied architecture and urban planning at the University of Stuttgart. He now specializes in furniture and object design.

Side view of Barberry Coffee Table

More of his other design work is available through his Instagram, @dezinobjects.

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