Bun Jars by Sharon Montrose: Get a Bun Bun for Your Hon Hon

Bun Jars by Sharon Montrose: Get a Bun Bun for Your Hon Hon

The Internet is divided on the origin and meaning of bun jar. One camp believes it’s a perfectly proportioned place to let your lovingly crafted cinnamon bun cool just past the point of too-hot. Another group makes the case for kitschy Easter designs that look like bunny rabbits, head and ears both integrated in the top. The web is in agreement, however, on the fun and utility to be found within the perfectly contoured confines of these Bun Jars by Sharon Montrose, an L.A.-based ceramicist who throws these little beauties in a serene backyard studio.

Bun Jars by Sharon Montrose

As the artist herself attests, these cute little jars are hand-thrown and glazed one at a time so no two are ever exactly alike—therein, their immense charm. But like a family, they share certain traits: same shape and perfectly fitting lids, beckoning guests to see what’s inside or perhaps to covertly deposit an unauthorized treasure.

Bun Jar by Montrose in Oatmeal Drip

I favor cherry Jolly Ranchers, but you might imagine colorful M&Ms, different-sized and colored paper clips, rubber bands, dried flowers, retro plastic figurines, hand-written fortunes, dried rose petals, dehydrated liver smidgens—anything you can dream up as a special discovery for spouses or children or visitors or pets.

Bun Jar by Montrose in Speckled Fog

If your mind draws a blank on what to put inside, let your guests use their ingenuity. They are welcome to store small special things of their own: rings, earrings, a necklace. Or if they are more utility-minded, put a few in the bathroom—they’ll be useful for cotton balls, Q-tips, hair clips. With tops off, the tall Bun Jars make great toothbrush holders.

Bun Jar in moss, top off

True to their earthy nature and to Montrose’s overall palette, these bun jars come in neutral hues and a matte finish (with the satiny exception of Speckled Fog). The variation from Moss to Fog to Oatmeal is just sufficient to suit changing moods or weather or disposition for decor. So buy several!

Tall Bun Jar in Moss by Sharon Montrose

Sizes range from approximately 5.5″H x 4.5″W to 2.75″ x 3.5″. See more at Sharon Montrose.

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