Salone 2024: Satellite of Love

Salone 2024: Satellite of Love

Not quite off the beaten path but yet away from the general hubbub of the central exhibits you’ll find Salone Satellite, “an outpost of creativity, ruled by belief in the experimentation and ingenuity of those who leave college ready to carve out their careers.” Located at the Milan Fairgrounds, Salone Satellite is one of the world’s premier showcases for young designers (under 35). 2024 just happens to be the 25th. anniversary—lucky for the 600 some participants from 32 countries as it drew special attention this year. Forthwith, the three winners as chosen by a group of international jurists chaired by Paola Antonelli, Senior Curator in the Department of Architecture and Design at MoMA, in addition to some of our favorites from throughout the show.

view of show

Studio Ololoo: Deformation Under Pressure Lamp, China

Under Pressure lamp front view
Salone Satellite winner with lamp

First-place winner Studio Ololoo dares to combine transparent, inflatable PVC and aluminum for a tilty, tensioned structure that offers a delightfully off-kilter aspect. A chrome baseplate provides a bit of literal and metaphorical grounding for this inventive table lamp.

Veliero Bookcase: Filippo Andrighetto, Denmark

Veliero bookcase
detail showing excellent wood joinery

Second-place winner Filippo Andrighetto is devoted to “slow design and craftsmanship… the creation of objects with lasting charm.” With its finely honed joinery and intricate notches, Veliero exemplifies this approach, exhibiting roots in both traditional Japanese carpentry and Danish furniture design.

Ego Undesign: Voroinoi Brass Cups, Italy

Balancing cups at Salone Satellite
Cups detail
Brass cups balanced in front of person lying on their side

Right before our very eyes, Third-place winner Ego Undesign performs a nifty balancing act between technology and design in this auspicious self-supporting mini tower made of 3D printed brass cups. Inspired by the art of “stone balancing,” Voronoi cheats just a bit with the help of invisibly integrated magnets for “an object with multiple souls: meditative, playful and functional.”

Who Looks at Who: Federica Breedveld Bortolozzo, Italy

Who's Looking at Who lamp/chair
Bias-Unbias collection of whimsical furniture
Satellite exhibit Who's Looking at Who

Part of Bortlozzo’s Bias-Unbias series of gendered furniture, Who Looks at Who is a whimsical way of exploring being under the proverbial spotlight in the unexpected form of a duo stool/projecting lamp. For me, it’s a jokey way of engaging the conundrum of trying to say the right thing in social circumstances.

Studio Gyu: AI Lounge Chair, Republic of South Korea

AI Lounge Chair
AI Lounge Chair detail
AI disassembled

A simply structured piece made of an easy-to-assemble metal frame and rope webbing, Studio Gyu’s AI features soft lines that curl upwards at both ends. Created by an AI program, this is an intuitive rendering of “chairness” that looks to provide support both fore and aft.

Deniz Yenidoğan: Pruva Bench, Turkey

Prova bench like a teeter totter made of wood in showroom
Pruva at Salone Satellite

Pruva, designed by Deniz Yenidoğan, is a clever conceptual piece that also happens to be a model of excellent craftsmanship. Pruva confronts individualism by making it impossible to sit alone, thus “emphasizing sharing over selfishness, encouraging consciousness of actions, and fostering community awareness and shared responsibility.”

Jos van Roosmalen: Linear Light, The Netherlands

Linear Light front view
Showing in unassembled form
Illuminated in the dark with a cone of rainbow light

Interfacing with the wall to emit an extremely subtle and beautifull cone of light, van Roosmalen’s Linear Light creates the whole visible spectrum—an otherworldly display that forces us to re-think common notions about lighting.

Formaminima, Lamp/Two, Italy

Beautiful brass lamp
Lamp/Two with green onyx shade in the dark
With red shade

Available in brass, green, red and many other colors besides, Formaminima’s Lamp Two features Limoges porcelain atop a crystal shade—a lovely composition that creates entrancing effects. The thin tubular stem and minimal plate add to the overall sense of elegant spareness.

Salone Satellite view at show

Be sure to visit Salone Satellite and witness first hand the best work by the world’s best young designers: Milan Fairgrounds, April 16-21.

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