Do Nothing and Take it Easy in Toou’s Tasca Chair

Do Nothing and Take it Easy in Toou’s Tasca Chair

Tasca, the new chair by Simone Viola for Toou, is like the lounger that wasn’t.

Toou's Tasca in gray in doorway with staircase beyond

Better said, it’s a piece that re-defines the notion of lounge, expressing itself not in excess dimensions or plush upholstery, but rather in an economical form and pragmatic materials.

Toou's Tasca pink detail

The chair’s compact size makes it appropriate for public venues, while its accompanying ottoman lends it a more relaxing vibe, perfect for whiling away the hours at home.

Toou's Tasca gray with ottoman in nice living room

And by incorporating recycled materials into a single modular cushion for both seat and ottoman, Viola and Toou were able to cut back on costs, thus offering “a refined but deliberately non-exclusive design that stands out as a countertrend item, allowing everyone to have access to beauty.”

Toou's Tasca close up in gray

Options for Tasca include fabric or eco leather upholstery. Find out more at Toou.

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