Pack by Edra

Pack by Edra

Italian design company Edra is not afraid to take risks. This daring spirit can be seen in the company's one-of-a-kind products-all of which skirt the edge between design and art. Their latest innovation is Pack.


A grand, sculptural sofa designed by Francesco Binfar©, Pack recently caused a lot of talk at Salone del Mobile 2017. Of course, this is exactly what Edra wants-the company name comes from a Greek word meaning "a place for philosophical discussion."


Pack resembles an ice floe. The back is a large bear lying on its side, and the upholstery is rich faux fur. Given the sofa's scale and story, Pack is sure to evoke daydreaming.


And while Pack fits lovingly into large homes with open living areas, this is exactly the type of conversation piece that people remember, making it ideal for hospitality venues. Just imagine Pack facing a roaring fire in a Siberian resort or Alaskan hotel.


Pack is padded with Edra's proprietary Gellyfoam® and feather, and comes with an anti-slip leather bottom.


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