Women Designers: Monica Armani’s Flair O’ & Allure O’ for B&B Italia

Women Designers: Monica Armani’s Flair O’ & Allure O’ for B&B Italia

Designer Monica Armani thinks everything is more fluid these days. And her Flair O’ and Allure O’ designs for B&B Italia’s Outdoor collection are equally as fluent in the in-between.  

Allure O' and Flair O' in situ

Allure O’ is a heavyweight sculptural table inspired by the shapes and volumes of the 1960s. The “O’” in both of these product names is a nod to the former First Lady and 1960’s style icon: Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, the Jackie O.

Designer Monica Armani

Again occupying that medial space, Armani’s outdoor table is not exactly a circle or a square, nor is it a rectangle or oval. It finds itself between the two.

Allure O' in a glossy dove stoneware and accompanying Flair O' chair

The base structure of Allure O’ is made of grey cement, an appropriate anchoring material for outdoor furniture meant to withstand the weather’s elements. The accompanying top slab comes in three lustrous options: glossy clay stoneware, glossy dove stoneware, or glossy ocean blue stoneware.

The glossy ocean blue stoneware top of Allure O'

The deep hues and sheen of these stoneware tops are a throwback to the nostalgic kitchen countertops of yesteryear.

A variety of Flair O' product images

Flair O’ is outdoor seating made out of a lightweight aluminum frame with a sinuous and lively macro lace back. These chairs are meant to comfortably complement Allure O’. The macramé look of Flair O’ gives off Italian summer vacation vibes.

Flair O' in clay in situ

The artisanal weaving technique for Flair O’ is achieved by using what’s known as a tombolo, a circular loom, and requires manual dexterity and a considerable amount of patience to create its beautiful and delicate effects.

Armani's Design in Molecules principle illustrated

Armani’s north star Design in Molecules principle is another interplay between magic and logic and the building blocks of life and design for all disciplines, including her favorites—architecture, product design, and temporary architecture.

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