Keir Outdoor Seating from Kreoo

Keir Outdoor Seating from Kreoo

Beauty and harmony. Balance and peace. These attributes remain at the heart of the Kreoo brand. Keir outdoor seating designed by Enzo Berti is a continuation of Kreoo’s synthesis of art and furniture.

Here, the marble of Keir is worked as if it were pebble-shaped, and the peaceful organic silhouette seems to be as if it were found within nature itself, possibly plucked from a riverbed where the current of flowing water and the course of time softened its edges to an utter smoothness.

Keir outdoor seating

Keir invites a moment of stillness and contemplation. Their placement is ideal in hospitality environments, spas, backyard gardens, porches, pool decks, or mezzanines overlooking awe-inspiring natural vistas. These furnishings are ideal for indoor or outdoor use.

Keir marble and wood

The flexible system in statement design of Keir certainly has a mix-and-match configuration. The wood and marble options have physical features, shades and identifying veins, adding value and versatility. Though they appear unsteady, these carefully crafted seats are fixed together thanks to an internal metal structure that guarantees stability.

Keir in situ

Even gazing upon it, Keir offers an invitation to contemplate, reconnect, and begin again.

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