By the Dedon Sea-X

Last week I went to Dedon Island. Well, not exactly, but was instead immersed in the Dedon brand at their Los Angeles showroom which did offer a taste of what it would be like in such a dreamy place. Yes, drinks with a hint of tropical flair and appetizers with an elegant island appeal definitely set the tone. The real charm, however, was the beautifully crafted, modernly exotic selection of outdoor furniture.

Sea-X Folding Chair. Manufactured by Dedon.

Sea-X Folding Chair by Dedon.

Taking hold of me from the start was the Sea-X chairs, elegantly lounging in the center of the showroom. They are strikingly magnetic. Their elegance and modernity combined with a meticulous attention to detail, make these the most handsome foldable armchairs I have seen in quite some time, if ever. Designed by the French designer Jean-Marie Massaud – the man behind the Chivas Volcano Stadium in Mexico and the Manned Cloud airship hotel – the Sea-X chairs are innovative and ultra-sophisticated.

Sea-X Folding Chair by Dedon.

Elegant, Modern Folding Chair Perfection

The Sea-X folding chair takes its cues from the sleek racing sailboats of the America’s Cup. Its frame is remarkably light and flexible, yet it is extremely robust as a whole. With armrests covered in richly-hued, teak-finished marine plywood, it brings warmth to the minimalist design of neutral and nautical colors. The backrest and seat are made with weather-resistant Dedon materials, ideal for dining and lounge settings with frames in black or white. Form-fitted fabric cushions are available in three colors: taupe, ocean or prestige. Foldable footstools and side tables are also available to complement their Sea-X leader beautifully. As described by Dedon, the Sea-X is truly folding perfection.

The Sea-X is elegant, modern and completely effortless – just like life should be on the island of Dedon.

About the Manufacturer: As a manufacturer of exclusive outdoor furniture, DEDON is one of the world’s leading providers in this industry. Founded in 1990 by former professional soccer player Bobby Dekeyser, Dedon revolutionized the outdoor furniture market with groundbreaking designs in the space of a few years. With over 3,000 employees, Dedon is now represented in more than 80 countries and maintains Dedon showrooms in Barcelona, Paris, Hong Kong, Vienna, Hamburg, Antwerp, Monaco, Milan, Limassol and Athens. Dedon furniture is created in collaboration with international designers, based on German standards of quality, and is manufactured by hand in traditional fashion by trained artisans on the island of Cebu in the Philippines. In this way, every piece of furniture embodies the combination of modern technology and century-old craftsmanship.

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