Oval Rings Pendant Light by Vakkerlight

Oval Rings Pendant Light by Vakkerlight

A dipped bubble wand? The eye for the thread at the end of a sewing needle? Oval Rings Pendant Light by Maryland-based Vakkerlight calls to mind that open spacing, a lit passageway, something you might pass through to get to the other side.

Oval Rings Light detail

This modern LED pendant is a design from the minimalist lighting expert Vakkerlight, which was established in 2008 and has been continuously dedicated to beautiful lighting, from chandeliers and ceiling lights to sconces and outdoor options that all satisfy equal valuations of quality, pricing, and style.

Product image of Oval Rings Pendant Light

Oval Rings is made of aluminum, brass, and acrylic. It’s hanging length is fully adjustable, opening it up to a wide array of possibilities as to where it might fit in your home, office, or commercial space.

Vakkerlight's Oval Rings Pendant Light

Its LED component has customizable levels of brightness. Depending on the ambiance you’re trying to achieve, Oval Rings emits warm, neutral, or cool light.

There appears to be three variations on Vakkerlight’s Oval Rings. There’s a long LED elliptical pendant with a petite circle on top. There’s a long LED elliptical pendant with an oval on top.

Hook Oval Rings Pendant Light

And finally, there’s an un-enclosed “hook” from which the long LED pendant hangs. Each one has its own personality and the various shapes offer their own aesthetic sensibilities.

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