Quirky Cat Lamp by Nellieanna

Quirky Cat Lamp by Nellieanna

The Quirky Cat Lamp by Nellieanna is a pendant lamp made of one piece of Butterfly paper “folded with utmost precision.” The cat pattern is hand-stamped and custom colors are available upon request.

cat stamp

Quirky Cat Lamp adds whimsy to any room. It’s great for a nursery, child’s bedroom, or any playful space because of the soft light reflected through the origami folds.

Quirky Cat Lamp detail

Quirky Cat Lamp comes with a textile cord available in a range of colors, including grey, white, yellow, red, pastel pink, and light blue.

cord colors

A small family business from The Hague, Netherlands, Nellieanna designs lamps and other origami products. Available through Etsy.

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