Riflesso for a Beautiful Reflection

Riflesso for a Beautiful Reflection

Vistosi presents Riflesso. Designed by Chiaramonte & Marin, this is a tantalizing trio of suspension lights, each with their own sensual shape.

Riflesso pendants above kitchen table

The lamps feature an exquisitely crafted diffuser, conveying a simultaneous sense of fragility and transcendence that’s very like a hovering soap bubble, yet these effects are heightened by the integrated LEDs.

Three pendants in crystal

Positioned at top and bottom, the LEDs heighten the lamps’ silhouettes, creating internal reflections that bring the fixtures alive, “not only illuminating, but at the same time furnishing the environment harmoniously.”

Detail of LED light inside

A new smaller shape for the pendant allows displays in clusters. All three sizes are available in Smoke, Crystal, Light Amethyst, and Amber.

Six Riflesso pendants in smoke in living room
Three pendants amethyst, amber, smoke

Read more at Vistosi.

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