Oval Office: Abacus by Darran

Oval Office: Abacus by Darran

The new Abacus by Darran is more proof that curves are finally getting their due in workspace design. So long a place of right angles (after all, it’s the birthplace of cubicles), the office is softening quite a bit. Not only are we seeing more circles at work, but we’re embracing ovals—those gloriously imperfect elliptical shapes that recall everything from eggs to avocadoes.

Abacus dividers

Abacus is a screen collection that creates spaces while reducing noise. Its steel and wood frame fit oval-shaped acoustic panels covered in PET. Like the ancient counting instrument that is its namesake, Abacus offers tactile and aesthetic pleasure. The rounded panels look as if they’re strung along rods, and the negative space in between lets light and air move throughout areas where Abacus stands.

Abacus panels

Available in three heights with two, three, or four inset ovals, Abacus also offers different finishes. With ten wood veneers and three metal finishes, Abacus screens fit diverse workspaces. In White metal with a Designer White wood finish, Abacus is clean and modern—ideal for architecture studios and museums. An all-black Abacus (Ebony wood and Matte Black metal) could inhabit sophisticated spaces, including boutique hotels and techy start-ups.

Abacus panel

For ultimate customizability, premium powdercoat colors are available upon request. Another Darran piece that combines straight lines and ovoid forms is Nomi.

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