The Many Possibilities of Darran’s Nomi

The Many Possibilities of Darran’s Nomi

Nomi, the new line of stools and poufs from Darran, embraces the trend towards workplace mobility with a compact and versatile furnishing that’s available in three heights.

Three Nomi in three different heights

The name is shorthand for Nomadic, a quality that Darran characterizes as “inherently agile and mobile with a sense of purpose, determination, and simplicity.”

Counter height with table

With its skillful fusion of aesthetic appeal and functionality, Nomi meets that high bar. The wooden detail is beautiful and tactile, while also functioning as a convenient handle for moving Nomi throughout the workspace. Pressure-sensitive casters appear and disappear like magic, also facilitating easy relocation. And the abrasion-resistant ultraleather patch at the base is an attractive detail that helps reduce wear and tear.

Nomi front view showing ultratleather detail

Also adding to Nomi’s personality quotient, Darran offers a variety of finishes: nine different textile patterns, 35 solid colors, and choice of Walnut or Ash with multiple finishes for each.

Three Nomi view from high angle

Indeed, Nomi’s name says it all. It’s a playful, congenial furnishing that will coax a smile from even the grumpiest among us. Like Darran says, “Nomi fosters essential connections through its joyful nature and nomadic disposition, delivering performance, personality, and purpose.”

Nomi in orange, rust, and yellow with suede looking wall behind

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