Inside ICFF: 10 Cool New Finds

Inside ICFF: 10 Cool New Finds

From Milan to Chicago, tradeshow season is in full swing. DesignerPages was on the scene in New York City this month for NYCxDesign and the 2016 International Contemporary Furniture Fair, scanning the latest and greatest from design manufacturers across the globe. If you couldn’t make it to New York, we’ve narrowed down 10 of our favorite finds from the show.UHURU Contract Essentials WorkplaceEssentials Workplace - UHURU

Open-plan configurations are dominating the modern workplace. They grant an efficient use of space, provide flexibility for companies to expand and contract, and foster collaboration between employees; they are not known, however, for Brooklyn-based UHURU, who recently entered the contract furniture game, proves the workspace really can have it all with the new Essentials Workplace. Offered in wood or composite surfaces, two different leg profiles, an array of storage options, and a multitude of configurations, the collection elevates the workplace with minimalistic refinement.

Shore Rugs
Trekking the Javits show floor is no easy task no matter how sensible your footwear. The ICFF outpost for Shore Rugs by Louie Rigano and Gil Muller was an unexpected beacon in the sea of meticulously designed booths that fell short underfoot. Crafted from custom-engineered silicone cording and intricately hand woven in London, the dynamically hued rugs usher in a new spin on anti-fatigue mats for the workplace and other commercial environments. The waterproof, UV-resistant, non-slip rugs also feature dual application for outdoor use.

Flux - John Procario
Lighting stood out as this year's ICFF showstopper, and John Procario's Flux collection was worthy of a several-minute ogle. A sculptor by origin, Procario funneled his art into design testing the boundaries of wood and forming the organic substance into table and pendant lamps. The Flux luminair features a continuous loop of a freeform bent timber with a unique perspective from every angle.

Krenit Accessories - Normann Copenhagen
Herbert Krenchel designed the Krenit Bowl more than 50 years ago, but as great design supersedes the boundaries of time and momentary style trends, Normann Copenhagen has relaunched the Krenit Bowl and Jug for 2016...with a contemporary twist. The bowl, now offered in six varying sizes, and the jug, now offered in three ascending sizes, feature three new bold, interior colors-mint, yellow, and coral. Crafted from steel and silicone, the line's characteristic sharp edges and matte finish, in contrast with the vibrant interior sheen are likely to find fandom in the newest generation of designers.

C-Bonded - Duravit

Advances in the precision of understated German engineering are the backbone of Duravit's worldwide success. This year, the manufacturer presents a seamless marriage between its C-Bonded DuraCeram washbasin and the Darling New vanity collection by sieger design. As the material thickness of the washbasin is covertly obscured from view, the piece results in an uninterrupted transition between ceramic surface and furniture body. The washbasin is also available for the brand's L-Cube series, by Christian Werner.

Mid-Century Modern Flatweave - Nasiri Carpets
There are few interior products more timelessly relevant than the perennial Persian rug. The Mid-Century Modern Flatweave collection by Manhattan-based Nasiri Carpets blends classic materials such as vintage wool, cotton, and goat hair with patterns inspired by an era lauded for rich, essential palettes and color-blocked textiles. Hand-carded and hand-dyed from plant-mineral-based pigments, the collection offers limitless standard colorways and patterns, as well as bespoke designs.

Constructor and Domino - Razor Tooth Design
These days, versatility and flexibility are hot-ticket items on a client’s must-have list for markets like workplace, education, and more. Create functionality that allows a space to evolve over time with modular partitions. Razor Tooth Design's Constructor and Domino partition systems offer fixed and rail-system products cut to a vast catalog of patterns, as well as custom designs. Available in aluminum, PVC, or high-density polyethylene (for exterior and high-traffic applications), these systems double bonus as an art piece.

Materials Wallpaper - NLXL
Does the project aesthetic call for industrial, pre-war brick or elegant Calcutta marble walls, but the budget screams Sheetrock? Go faux. Following the success of their initial Scrapwood line, Amsterdam's NLXL has tapped designer Piet Hein Eek for his second line of surface wallpaper, this time dubbed Materials. Comprised of 10 various surface patterns, the collection features marble, painted brick, burnt wood, plywood, and more. Materials is available in both high-traffic contract and consumer weights.

Jivas - LIJA
Great projects call for great statement pieces. Jivas, produced by Philippines-based LIJA Lighting and distributed by Galeon del Mundo, is one such piece. Crafted by local Filipino artisans, the collection is available in three colossal pendant lamp designs. The pendants feature durable, recycled paper twine woven on handmade metal frames and formed into multi-faceted shapes. Jivas, Tagalog for "jewel", is available in three various jewel tones and four neutrals. www.

Piedmont Seating - Skram
The enduring craftsmanship and stately profile of a well-made chair will draw any ICFF patron from across the vast Javits hall. The new Piedmont Seating collection by A. Jacob Marks of North Carolina-based Skram is a born classic. Distinctly modern and rooted in the tradition of Scandinavian chair design, the collection is made of steel featuring a carved timber seat and backrest with timber detailing at the floor level. Piedmont Seating is available in three heights compatible with dining, counter, and bar applications.

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