At KBIS: Qoldfusion for Walk-In Refrigeration at Home

At KBIS: Qoldfusion for Walk-In Refrigeration at Home

Qoldfusion has brought to the market a home appliance that will be the envy of anyone who owns the typical refrigerator: a walk-in refrigerated pantry! Qoldfusion’s spacious units will make life much easier when it comes to planning meals or making grocery lists. It’s a far cry from the ice box our great grandparents had.

walk-in refrigerator with variety of drinks, eggs, veggies

The first walk-in refrigerator for residential use, Qoldfusion’s units offer three walls of stainless steel shelving that allow for the storage and display of all the fresh food you need—whether simply feeding your family or throwing a huge party. What’s more is the degree of customization: Qoldfusion is built to match your cabinets or walls, so all you see of it is the door with its clever invisible hinges. Another exciting feature is an optional large window set into the door, letting you view everything inside at-a-glance. 

View of walk-in unit with wood paneled door and interior visible

Qoldfusion uses new technologies to keep air temperature steady. It even has an rPod Remote Refrigeration Pod that allows you to adjust temperature and cooling rate with your phone or laptop. Users may choose three models: the Cold Pantry for refrigeration, the Dual-Temp Pantry, or the Freezer Pantry. Another perk is that the actual refrigeration unit isn’t part of the pantry—it can be located in another room or outside, just like an air conditioning unit, thus eliminating the annoying hum of a standard refrigerator.

Modern kitchen with walk-in unit with open door and partial view of interior

Owning a Qoldfusion unit is like adding an additional room to your home. If you choose to incorporate the window in the door, you’ll probably encourage your family to indulge in healthier eating habits as well. Read more at Qoldfusion. And check our Smeg for another take on innovative refrigeration.

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