Get Your Paint Bucket Fill with a Colorful Summit Appliance

Appliances have just become a whole lot more interesting than dimensions or freezer to refrigeration ratio. Using over 300 colors from the popular RAL color directory, or whichever Pantone color code you desire, Summit Appliance is the first in the industry to offer complete color-matching on undercounter refrigeration.

“The custom color feature is something bound to change the face of the appliance industry,” states Paul Storch, Vice President of Summit Appliance. “Now customers have full control over enhancing their kitchen in any way they wish.”

Summit Appliance.

Choose the shade and style of your new refrigerator, freezer, wine cellar, or even beer dispenser and appreciate the new fusion of design and technology that has emerged out of a 40+ year old family-run business (with no outside investors) from the Bronx, New York. Their legacy in the appliance world began back in 1969 with the founding of Felix Storch, Inc. and has been a household name ever since. In fact, the product range has grown so much that a large selection of their major appliances are now sold internationally as well as nationally – and in their own Summit trucks, if you’re located in the Northeastern United States.

Your choice of paint coats a stalwart 304 grade stainless steel surface that will endure the daily run-ins with the action in your busy kitchen environment for decades. According to Summit, the custom coloring is available for most of their appliance’s built-in, commercially approved, ADA compliant, and outdoor models designed for undercounter use.

Get Your Paint Bucket Fill with a Colorful Summit Appliance

As a whole, their residential market’s product line consists of ranges, microwave ovens, cooktops, combination kitchens, washers and dryers, beer dispensers, and wine cellars. But since they’ve been known as a reliable brand in the market – recently known for a huge colleciton of weather-proof outdoor refrigerators – they have also been contracted to create specialized compact products for offices, schools, restaurants, hotels, and the medical field.

A brand that has always catered to the consumer looking for quality, Summit’s latest adventure into custom coloring the door and accents shines a bright future for the mom and pop brand.

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