GRO Design’s Bi-Axis Fridge for Samsung

Free-standing and vertically-oriented: it rises from its solid base to one of a few standard heights. This is what we know as the fridge. It may be retro, faced in stainless steel or (more recently) oiled bronze, or disguised by cabinetry – but it’s more or less the same. Though fridges have long been free-standing, they have never had the aesthetic value necessary for them to operate free-standing pieces. They have been designed as two-dimensional surfaces.

Bi-axis Fridge. Designed by GRO for Samsung.

The refrigerated drawer concept moved away from this mold, but was still necessarily integrated within kitchens and their cabinetry. Bi-axis is a concept refrigerator/freezer designed by Eindhoven-based GRO Design for Samsung. The three-dimensional piece is designed to be free-standing – and can be cleverly reconfigured too. It can be transformed from its traditional vertical orientation to a horizontal 'sideboard' – "giving a stronger reference to furniture than a large domestic appliance", according to GRO Design. Grooves on every interior surface allow for the shelves to be re-oriented depending on the configuration of the fridge (vertical or horizontal). The back of the refrigerator, ordinarily a mess of coils, is a smooth flat surface – capable of being exposed and revealed.   GRO Design explains that "The division between cooking and living areas in modern homes is becoming increasingly blurred."  The new concept fridge serves as a response to these changes in lifestyle and living.

bi axis -large2

bi axis - large 3

This re-conceptualization of (or departure from) the standard fridge allows for new opportunities for its placement in homes. Configured as a horizontal sideboard - it seems ideal for a mixologist. The “counter space” created provides a surface for concocting drinks. The freezer side houses the hard liquor, the refrigerator side the juices, fruits and miscellaneous other necessities. Its modern aesthetics enable it to sit elegantly within a living space - a smaller, more convenient, and “lighter” domestic bar than the traditional dark wood/granite countertop/built-in mini fridge. Bachelors (and bachelorettes) who enjoy entertaining are likely to find success with this in their homes.

Regardless of how it’s used – because fortunately this can change – we’re happy to see this new, modern-day option for refrigeration. It's apparently an exciting time for appliances.  The Bifoliate dishwasher by Electrolux (still a concept, and far less "defined since no one seems to know how it works) is similarly (attempting) to depart from the traditional mold for this appliance.

Posted August 25, 2009 by Jenny Rector

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