Hydro CIRCAL by PurOptima

Hydro CIRCAL by PurOptima

Does recycling make a difference when applied to the world and materials of architectural design? It seems every small “green” move matters. PurOptima, a global leader in sustainable interior glass walls and doors, has announced its very own brand of sustainable aluminum Hydro CIRCAL now provides the lowest embodied carbon on the market.

PurOptima project in situ featuring glass walls and partitions

Thanks to advances in sourcing, sorting, and traceability of post-consumer aluminum, PurOptima has proved it’s possible to lower their carbon footprint even further: Hydro CIRCAL contains a minimum of 75 percent recycled post-consumer material.

A PurOptima completed project at Conde Nast International with a symmetry door

Scraps from old products and buildings are shredded, sorted, melted, and recast to make Hydro CIRCAL. From something old comes something new…and quite beautiful.

University of Highlands PurOptima project featuring glass wall paneling

PurOptima’s ongoing aim is to provide state-of-the-art fabrication and cutting-edge interior glass walls and doors and become a low-emission glass wall manufacturer.

Pur Optima Jazz Rev 54 Door

“We are constantly considering the future and our own role within it, that’s why we’re increasingly focusing on how we manufacture and consume as a business,” Kevin Mayer, US Country Manager for PurOptima said. “Designing products and processes that incorporate re-usability is key to how we work now and moving forward.”

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