Get Growing with Organic Waste

Get Growing with Organic Waste

The Bosch EcoHub is a sustainable biodynamic permaculture unit that teaches users to grow food indoors from organic waste.

tray with onion top and little lettuces

Comprised of a containment unit, growth medium, and filtration system, the EcoHub proposes using throwaways like stems, tops, root pieces, and other trimmings to instead regenerate the actual food, seedlings, and seeds.

EcoHub growing tomatoes

It’s not only a way to increase food production, but also to maintain stores of valuable heirloom seeds while also teaching users gardening skills: a color-coded app enables easy instruction and consultation with other users via social media.

Bosch EcoHub two units

See Batuhan Duran at Behance to read more about the concept and the prototype.

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