From Windshields to Walls: Artaic Sintered Glass

From Windshields to Walls: Artaic Sintered Glass

If you’ve ever witnessed a crushed windshield than you know how it breaks in a curious, clean, smooth, and squared-off pattern.

Artaic glass mosaic in green detail

Artaic capitalizes on this intriguing material with the Lasting Rugs collection in Sintered Glass. A glass mosaic tile made from recycled car windshields, Lasting Rugs offers intricate designs in a durable glass tile—ideal for high-use areas.

Artaic sintered glass large tile display on wall featuring orange background with interesting floral and insect figures

Owing to the unique properties of windshield glass, Artaic’s Sintered Glass is offered in a variety of finishes including matte, opalescent, and standard glossy. The Living Rugs line features custom designs for walls and for high-traffic commercial floors. It also makes a great material for pool lining and decking.

Paprika detail orange/insects/flowers

Artaic offers upwards of 130 colors, each available in all three finishes.

Sintered Glass red detail

As a plentiful recycled product, Artaic Sintered Glass can contribute to LEED certification.

Artaic glass mosaic in green on wall

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