Go-To Collection From Carnegie

Go-To Collection From Carnegie

Carnegie’s latest Go-To Collection is a brand new series of high-performance textiles meant to simplify and elevate the way architects and designers choose their fabrics.

A selection of the textiles in Carnegie's new Go-To Collection

Carnegie has long been a pioneer in sustainable textiles. They’ve been leading the way for years. As the nation’s only certified B-Corporation and forever PVC-free company, Carnegie focuses year after year on “materials that matter.” Since 1950, their ongoing commitment is on sustainability, health, and design excellence.  

Various samples of the Go-To Collection

The Go-To Collection is a two-part celebration. On one hand, Carnegie is celebrating the 10-year anniversary of their legendary Biobased Xorel Strie, a tried and true “go-to” choice for wallcoverings, wrapped panels, and upholstery since its first introduction in 2013.

The biobased Xorel in situ, the first plant-based, high-performance textile

Biobased Xorel was the first plant-based, high-performance textile in the world. It ticks the boxes on beauty, functionality, and sustainability. Check. Check. Check.

The biobased Xorel progression from sugarcane into fabric

The Strie collection is 100% Xorel with 85% Biobased Xorel derived from sugarcane, a rapidly renewable resource that yields a much lower carbon footprint than its fossil-fuel-based counterparts.

Fabrics from Carnegie's Go-To Collection

The Go-To Collection offers a Xorel Strie palette refresh in 39 colors, all inspired by years of client feedback and industry insight. Think dreamy and soothing ethereal hues like gently aged metallics and milky layered neutrals.

Tackboard showing a variety of the Go-To Collection fabrics

The second part of the collection’s celebration is Carnegie’s introduction of over 100 SKUs of curated performance textiles. “Proof” from the Carnegie’s Elements collection boasts an incredibly soft hand and an elevated wool look in 24 colors. “Article” comes in 21 sophisticated neutrals and nuanced earthen hues. And, “Aspen” is a recycled felted performance wool that comes in 29 vibrant bold colors and classic heathered neutrals.

Mood board of textiles from Carnegie

Every fabric within the Go-To Collection is meant to be put to the test. They’re all ideal for spaces with lots of foot traffic and locations that demand rigorous cleanability and durability. One might think of hospitals or hotels. Fittingly enough, Strie is inherently antimicrobial and antibacterial, making it a perfect match for these locales.

Xorel used for an upholstered headboard

Carnegie is not only committed to responsible product manufacture, but also to product disposal and re-use. The company’s Responsible Return Program lets clients send back sample memos or Xorel installations (even after years of service) for energy generation or re-integration into the product stream.

Wall panelings also featuring the Go-To Collection from Carnegie

Carnegie did their homework on how to make exceptional fabric. That may have been the hardest part. The easy part is now all up to you. All that’s left is for you to choose your favorite color.  

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