NeoCon 2019: Xorel Knit by Carnegie

NeoCon 2019: Xorel Knit by Carnegie

Textile giant Carnegie unveiled new designs in boldly colored rooms at NeoCon 2019, including Xorel Knit.

three curvy modern furniture pieces upholstered in red performance fabric

A breakthrough material that offers high performance in a knitted textile, Xorel Knit can stretch and recover, making it an ideal upholstery choice for modern furniture pieces.

pile of performance fabrics in red patterns

Launching in September 2019, the Xorel Knit collection includes Snap Knit, Bungee Knit, Swerve Knit, and Zoom Knit. Snap Knit combines four different yarns in a textural, solid. Bungee Knit offers a small-scale plaid herringbone pattern. Swerve Knit is a tailored houndstooth with a contemporary vibe. And Zoom Knit is a macro-scale plaid in dual color combinations.

close-up view of three upholstered modern furniture pieces in red fabrics

Xorel Knit came about after the Carnegie team designed “a one-of-a-kind knitting machine that could handle the Xorel yarn to create a finished textile unlike any other in the brand’s 38-year history.” Get more information at Carnegie.

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