Discover the captivating qualities of sedimentary stone with Xorel Limestone by Carnegie.

Xorel textile Limestone with five colors detail of swatches

For use as upholstery, wallcoverings, or decorative panels, Limestone introduces a bit of biophilia via its random, non-repeating pattern that resembles the striations in natural rock.

Xorel textile sand detail

Stepping back a bit renders the pattern even more complex, revealing all manner of organic phenomena, from a cloudy horizon to a mysterious misty seascape.

Xorel textile gray on wall

Xorel is a proprietary technology of solution-dyed polyethylene yarn. It’s non-porous, non-fibrous, and durable—resistant to bacteria and easy to clean. It’s also free of PVC and red-list chemicals.

Xorel textile cream detail
Xorel textile inspiration with actual limestone rock

Find out more at Carnegie.

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