Etsy Love Necklace by Laura Danby

Etsy Love Necklace by Laura Danby

Love is in the air with this dramatic Art Deco-inspired geometric statement necklace from Laura Danby for Etsy.

Product image of Red and Pink Geometric Necklace

This chunky necklace, which seems to be steeped in the decorative arts tradition, contains three separate mirrored acrylic red and pink shapes: a target circle, a double-decker rectangle, and an arrow.

The strong pink and crimson colors, along with a disco-ball mirror effect, gives this necklace definitive Valentine’s Day appeal. It’s almost as if it seems to be saying, “Turn the music up, let’s go!”

The Red and Pink Geometric Statement Necklace from Laura Danby

The pointed edges, arched tops, and mirror-finished shapes are cut to size with a laser cutter. Then, they are threaded onto a vibrant pink paracord, which is fully adjustable.

Product image of the necklace, front-side

The pieces are made from triple-layered acrylic with a reflective mirror on top. A walnut wood is the counterbalance on the reverse. Each necklace is handmade in the UK.

The back of the necklace revealing the walnut wood

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