Don’t Pop the Furniture

Don’t Pop the Furniture

Seung Jin Yang’s Blowing Series makes use of many varieties of optical illusions.

Blowing Series chair with gray, yellow, red, blue. Side view.

First, there’s the illusion that these extravagant chairs are actually balloons. Then, the magical reveal that, yes, they really are.

Many balloon chairs view from above at angle

But the biggest trick here is the assumption that balloons are fragile, weak. Says Yang, “The balloon provides an empty space. Therefore, if I only apply epoxy on the outside, I have a sturdy structure. It’s like a block of Lego.”

Designer seated on a transparent Blowing Series chair surrounded by other chairs

Everyone knows that Legos can transform into just about anything. So it is with Yang’s balloons. The spontaneous shapes they inhabit become the building blocks for this very colorful and enchanting furniture, instilling some much-needed childlike wonder into an ostensibly mundane object.

Assortment of balloon stools on the ground in many colors

Read more about the designer and his work here.

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