The Delaunay Steel Dining Table from Craig Van Den Brulle

What do you get when you combine math and steel? You get a geometric dining table from Craig Van Den Brulle.

Delaunay Steel Dining Table. Designed by Craig Van Den Brulle.

The Delaunay Steel Dining Table is a literal design translation of the Delaunay Triangulation. It maximizes the minimum angle of triangles, and this in turn avoids skinny triangles. The collection of triangles resulting from this algorithm presents a deliciously striking polished steel base.

Delaunay Steel Dining Table. Designed by Craig Van Den Brulle.

The mathematical influence for this piece makes for an interesting and creative cubist table. The glass top is the perfect window to view the metallic base. Anything else would detract attention from the unique shape and sheen of the bottom.

This 21st century American dining table is only available in an edition of 15.

About the Manufacturer: Craig Van Den Brulle is the owner of his own furniture company located in the Nolita neighborhood in New York City. In 1997, he opened Capitol Furnishings which catered to the needs of designers, architects, and collectors. He has since expanded to an impressively large flagship store. With over 10 years experience in the upscale furniture industry, he is also the designer of the Craig Van Den Brulle signature collection, a high quality selection of contemporary designs.

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