Marvelous Millwork: S4S Decorative Boards

Marvelous Millwork: S4S Decorative Boards

Ornamental Moulding and Millwork expands the possibilities for wood surfacing with S4S Decorative Boards.

S4S Decorative Boards stained black moulding detail

Featuring deep wood graining, the 7/16” thick boards come in Rustic Maple, Stained Black, Stained Gray, and Rustic White Oak.

S4S Decorative Boards beam wrap in kitchen white oak

The four different tones offer aesthetic possibility—a versatile palette of applications including moulding, walls, shelves, ceilings, and post or beam wraps.

S4S Decorative Boards grady stained beams on living room ceiling

Each board is eight-feet long. Three widths are available: 1 1/2”, 3 1/2 “, and 5 1/2”.

S4S Decorative Boards gray-stained boards on fireplace front with tv and stacked wood

S4S makes it easy and cost-effective to update any space, “providing a clean appearance with a richness that complements many interiors.”

S4S Decorative Boards white oak on fireplace front and moulding in spacious sitting room

Find out more at Ornamental Moulding and Millwork.

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