Policroma Collection by Florim

Policroma Collection by Florim

The Policroma Collection of ceramics by Cristina Celestino for Florim takes inspiration from Italian architecture.

open kitchen and dining with ceramic cladding on walls

Policroma’s large slabs for vertical surfaces replicate the veining and colors of Italian marbles that are close to extinction such as Rosa Valtoce, which was used to build Milan Cathedral.

Policroma also references Marmorino plaster, a Venetian plaster with rich colors. Variations of green and pink give the collection an old-world style.

modern dining room with colorful velvet chairs and square of ceramic cladding on the wall

Celestino was inspired by ornate frames, Hermès scarves, and grand entrance halls, among other things. A rounded arch motif, for example, pays homage to grand Italian houses.

minimalist living room with one pink velvet chair and green faux marble ceramic cladding on walls

The wall covering collection includes pieces that can be combined artfully to create architectural and geometric compositions. Rectangular blocks of linear listello tile complement the continuous ceramic surface cladding.

minimalist room with green and white faux marble ceramic cladding on wall, one chair, and large floor mirror

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