P.R. Lounge

P.R. Lounge

If you’d really like to make clients feel special, then consider investing in Alexander Calder’s P.R. Lounge Chair.

P.R. Lounge in natural wood with gray upholstery in open room with tall windows

Inspired by the venerated traditions of Portuguese joinery, P.R. (Portuguese Roots) is a meticulously hand-crafted piece with sleek, low-slung lines and a spacious, inviting aura.

Side view of lounge chair in walnut with orange upholstery

It’s also just objectively cool. P.R. has an insectivorous aspect that makes it look like it could sneak up and sting you. Or just propel itself across the room for sheer fun.

P.R. Lounge side in blue leather

Designer Alexander Calder of Around the Tree says it’s a chair like no other: “In a highly technological world, we believe that the P.R. Chair will help keep us connected to the roots of humanity.”

Lounge chairs in walnut and ash sans upholstery

Although it’s only been around since 2019, the P.R. Lounge has already achieved heirloom status, winning both the A’Design and European Design Awards.

P.R. Lounge view from above with leather

The P.R. Lounge is available in solid walnut, ash, and ash colored black. Upholstery options include velvet, natural leather, natural cork, and the latest addition: natural straw.

Detail with straw seat

See Portuguese Roots Chair to find out more.

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