Isabel Desk from Morelato Soft Studio

Isabel Desk from Morelato Soft Studio

How about a slick double-sided desk to bring a sense of style to the office?

Morelato desk from above

Italian brand Morelato Soft Studio obliges with the Isabel Desk by designer Libero Rutilo: in beautiful turned ash with glass side shelves and leather top, Isabel is an elegant showpiece that makes a statement in corporate environments, law firms, home offices, and more.

Isabel desk in nice office with bookcase and snowy landscape outside

The desk’s details are exquisite. A pair of secret compartments assure discrete storage and add to Isabel’s overall retro vibe.

Isabel desk detail of hidden drawer
Morelato desk detail of wood joinery

Seven laminate finishes and eight different leathers let you mix and match to your heart’s content, achieving conventional pairings like oak on putty, or daring combinations such as black finish with burnt sienna leather.

Isabel desk in mid-century designed office

Isabel is designed to pair nicely with the equally fetching Agatha Armchair, featuring a similar color palette and interplay of geometric forms.

Morelato desk with accompanying Agatha chair in sunny space with view of building and a European vibe

Read more at Morelato.

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