cherry bubbls by Klaus Nolting

cherry bubbls by Klaus Nolting

cherry bubbls in situ

Cherry bubbls is named an ICONIC AWARD Best of Best 2023 for Innovative Interior. Cherry bubbls by Klaus Nolting is a cherry-inspired outdoor LED light chain that adds a little atmosphere anywhere. Think fairy light meets high-level design.

Close up of cherry bubbls outside

The seven individual lights of cherry bubbls are made of silicone and smoke-colored glass. The silicone cables that run in and out from the top of the orbs appear to be cherry stems.

Macro image of cherry bubbls silicone stem and smoke-colored glass

The LED light chain includes a power bank with a three-level dimmer. Remove the power bank and cherry bubbls are easy to recharge with a USB-C cable.

Power supply of cherry bubbls

This award-winning luminaire is also available with a solar panel, which is completely self-sufficient. Cherry bubbls will automatically switch on at twilight. They have an operating time of about five hours.

cherry bubbls adding atmosphere as fairy lights

For an oldie but a goodie solar-powered outdoor light, also check out Cumuli.

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