Delphos by Currey and Company

Delphos by Currey and Company

Currey and Company presents two new lighting objects: Delphos Chandelier and Delphos Sconce. It’s an avian wonder “inspired by birds and feathers.”

Delphos Chandelier

Delphos Chandelier looks to be in motion, albeit in an upside-down world. The sweeping curves of gold-finished wrought iron are capped with New Zealand Paua Shells, their iridescent colors reminiscent of peacocks.

Delphos lighting

Both Delphos Chandelier and Delphos Sconce require attention to detail during construction: “This is a painstaking piece to realize, as the rods are bent by hand into the undulant composition and the luminous shells are hand-placed.”

Delphos details

The rods emanate from the base of Delphos Chandelier in glorious pinpricks, making the base anemone-like. The shine and color of both Delphos lights seem appropriate for moody wine bars and glass conservatories (or aviaries)!

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