Airflake by Unika Vaev

Airflake by Unika Vaev

Airflake by Unika Vaev is a 100% molded polyester felt fiber sculpted into a variety of hexagonal snowflake shapes. Designed by Stefan Borselius, Airflake controls sound while creating a sculptural surface.

Airflake modules

Airflake includes three modules that can be artfully combined: Blade, Line, and Pocket. Blade and Line come in open and closed versions, so Airflake can let light shine through when desired. Airflake can be mounted on walls or ceilings. The modules can also be used to create screens and separate spaces.

Airflake white

As with most Unika Vaev acoustical products, Airflake comes in too many colors to list here. People who like glaciers will gravitate toward whites, grays, and light blues. There is a plethora of beautiful greens that make Airflake look more like flowers in spring. For Barbie fans, Light Pink, Red-Pink, and Magenta are all pinkalicious.

Airflake pink

Unika Vaev continuously innovates: see the company’s acoustical paintings, Abstracta X Wall of Art.

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