Alicita is Thankful for Anger and Sloth

For this Thanksgiving, I’m concentrating on the seven deadly sins: anger, envy, gluttony, greed, lust, pride, and sloth. I’m not happy about any of these and their recent proliferation. It’s just that since quite a few of these vices are ever-present, I might as well acknowledge them—and see what we can learn from transgression. There’s no need for me to delve into greed (you know who you are, Goldman Sachs). Its close partner gluttony is being handled by culinary missionaries like Michael Pollan. I have no problem with sins of the flesh: let your lust take you where it may. Envy and pride you can catch on any cable news show, often in conjunction with the sin of greed—it’s the trifecta of immorality. Nothing to be gleaned and applied to the A+D world, except anger and sloth.

Anger has translated into some excellent products of late. Yes, enough designers and companies are taking their ire and turning it into art. Eco-friendly products have been the main outcomes of this madness—and I, for one, am thankful that so many have funneled their objections into objects. Viva chagrin, distemper, and fury! Union Eighteen turned rankling into rugs, RAW Rugs to be precise. Todd and Meg van der Kruik, the married team behind the concept, combine years of experience in the contract carpet and art worlds. Todd van der Kruik knows a good deal about typical carpet manufacturing, including its waste, which is why he channeled his disgruntlement into one-of-a-kind area rugs made by piecing together scraps of commercial carpet. Other companies who’ve been angered by toxicity in production have now turned to independent companies to ensure their green claims. So, I’m thankful for Cradle-to-Cradle Certification and other third-party sustainability fact-checkers. Both Twill Textiles and Unika Vaev deserve mention here.


RAW rugs. Designed by Todd and Meg van der Kruik of Union Eighteen.


Twill Textiles. Designed by Suzanne Lovell and Sam Kasten.


Calypso Collection. Manufactured by Unika Vaev.

Sloth is another deadly sin I sanction. It doesn’t necessarily lead to anything inherently good (i.e. moral), but it does inspire fabulous lounging furniture for one to luxuriate in. Couches and chaises that turn into beds or include built-in tables and shelves—nothing could make my lazy bones happier. Phillippe Starck’s Privé Collection and Flexform’s Oltre both fulfill this languid lust and all of its consequent indiscretions. Great pieces for the unexpected (or uninvited) guest who must stay the night. Wonderful testaments to inertia and supineness. Don’t get up to retrieve that second glass of absinthe, dear. Instead, equip your sybaritic digs with the furniture that’s appropriate to your elaborate, if somewhat somnolent, lifestyle. Either of these sofa/divans will be the perfect spot in which to take your post-feast interlude.


Privé Lounge. Designed by Philippe Starck for Cassina.


Oltre sofa. Designed by Flexform.

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