Abstracta X Wall of Art from Unika Vaev

Abstracta X Wall of Art from Unika Vaev

Put your artwork to work with Abstracta X Wall of Art, an innovative acoustical solution that speaks to both sight and sound.

Wall of Art room with three paintings and acoustical pendant

The collection features 13 different designs by four artists, with an aesthetic ranging from the Rothko-esque work of Annika Hultgren to the flowery abstractions of Lisa Wirenfelt.

Painting featuring abstract blue flowers

Flower Bath by Lisa Wirenfelt.

But in this case an argument can be made that what’s behind the image is just as important as the image itself: a blend of textile waste and recycled PET-based polyester acts as an effective sound dampener, “helping to create harmonious soundscapes while giving spaces personality and character.”

Artwork of Annika Hultgren with solid color blocks

Sound-Absorbing Artwork by Annika Hultgren.

All art in the collection comes with a handcrafted oak frame. Sustainable credentials include no conflict minerals, no fire retardant additives, rapidly renewable content, high recycled content, and red-list compliance. The acoustic product collection by Abstracta also includes Moon (shown below), a globe-shaped pendant lamp whose generous circumference facilitates absorption of a wide frequency of ambient noise.

Wall of art + Moon acoustical pendant

Wall of Art print shown with Moon acoustical lighting, designed by Thomas Berstrand.

Read more about the collection and see images of all 13 designs at Unika Vaev.

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