Al, Ella, and Dot Mirrors by Miior

Al, Ella, and Dot Mirrors by Miior

According to home furnishings manufacturer Miior, the average person spends 25,000 hours in front a mirror during his or her lifetime. With our ergonomic well-being in mind, the company has designed a trio of mirrors-Al, Ella, and Dot-that can tilt and move to suit each individual user.

Miior, Al, mirror, bathroom, luxury
Al mirror

Each mirror is part of a collection of mix-and-match storage that includes dressing tables, consoles, and bedside chests


: Designed with patented Axio-Link technology that allows a user to change the distance between the mirror's surface and his or her face, the mirror’s integrated touch sensor controls an LED light for easy illumination with one hand.

Ella, Miior, Al, mirror, bathroom, luxury
Ella mirror
Miior, Al, mirror, bathroom, luxury
Ella suite

Ella: A feminine take on a modern mirror, Ella is designed for daily makeup application with a tilting motion controlled with a finger-hold at its base. A sensor beneath controls illumination around its circumference.

Dot, Miior, Al, mirror, bathroom, luxury
Detail of the Dot mirror’s opening mechanism
Miior, Al, mirror, bathroom, luxury, Dot
Dot mirror

Dot: Dot is a recessed circular mirror within a rectangular one; with the pull of a hook the user can adjust the circle, making it suitable for universal design applications. An integrated LED strip lights the mirror’s circumference.

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About the Manufacturer: Miior is an interior-oriented brand focused on rethinking the ordinary. Through its unique product development approach and high manufacturing standards, the company creates clever and functional objects for a beautiful, welcoming home. The brand was founded by Grzegorz and Wojciech, two brothers and entrepreneurs, who decided to take their passion for invention, extensive engineering expertise and solid on-site manufacturing capacity one step further to deliver well designed home-oriented solutions.

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