Beautiful Bathrooms by Inbani

Beautiful Bathrooms by Inbani

Inbani’s Strato Marble system lets users choose the best and the brightest (for their particular space and aesthetic) from a variety of different bathroom elements.

Strato white vanity with white slipper style tub in background

A “modular program of minimal forms,” Strato Marble is comprised of tubs, vanities, mirrors, freestanding tables, and coordinating rugs.

Large gray circular tub with oak paneled vanity

The unifying theme here is minimalism – from the tubs to the basins, vanities, and rugs, all Strato Marble elements are pared down and essential, no superfluous adornment here.

Charcoal vanity beneath rectangular mirror with white rug

Finishes for the various components include natural raw oak, lacquer steel, and Carrara marble. The color scheme runs the gamut from earthy to pastel, dark and somber to light and bright.

Strato bathroom ensemble

See Inbani to find out more.

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