Qube by Essential Home

Qube by Essential Home

Would you forgive me if I suggested that the Qube sofa seems like something you'd encounter at the Kardashians?

Qube sofa in blue expansive arrangement with many elements in large room with floor-to-ceiling window looking out on swimming pool

Essential Home, for its part, says the expansive, multi-sectioned piece "recalls the elements of the homonymous discoteque in Rome."

A large white sectional sofa in a room with a white rug, dark wood floors, and bar with golden bar stools

Well, so what if Qube evokes two icons of contemporary decadence? That doesn't mean it's not a very cool sofa.

Qube sofa in white seen from above on large gray rug with starburst chandeliers

And Qube is that. With a big, bolstered frame and a bevy of its namesake cube elements, Qube supports intimate encounters and social soirees in equal measure. Its modular elements let you reconsider, re-conceive, and rearrange on a whim.

Qube blue view from above

Light blue sectional sofa view from front

Cube is available in a variety of upholstery options, with a standard frame finish in brushed brass. See Essential Home for additional details and proposed configurations. And go to 3rings for more unique modular sofas.

Posted November 16, 2022 by Joseph Starr

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