A New Kind of Patio

A New Kind of Patio

If the question is “Do we really need another office partition system?” then the answer is YES! Especially in view of Robert Bronwasser’s ingeniously simple Patio, a winner of multiple design awards including the ICONIC AWARD 2023 for Innovative Interior,  iF Award 2023 and was selected for the GIO TOP 100 (Best Industrial Design in the Netherlands).

Space division system with curtains, panels, planters, tables, and stools

Patio is a kind of additive, bare-bones approach to the transformable workspace. The base unit is a rectangular aluminum frame with fixed corners and hinges that can be clipped together with other units.

Three examples of Patio Panels with coat hanger, shelves, privacy panels, and planters

Users may then equip and build onto them with acoustic panels and upholstered panels, curtains, whiteboards, magazine trays, shelves, planters, coat racks… the list goes on—basically, whatever is required to transform space, to open-up or create shelter, or to just make a little nook feel homey and comfortable.

Three Patio units joined to create a privacy nook

Read more at Robert Bronwasser.

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