Base by Dynamobel

Responding to the demand for office systems furniture that facilitates open communication, Dynamobel created Base.  A mixture of both table and panel systems, Base provides the best of each system while overcoming its limitations.  This new concept favors group work while simultaneously providing personal space for each individual.

Base. Manufactured by Dynamobel.

The “bench” concept allows for teamwork with personal space

The hybrid table/panel concept answers many needs of a modern office.  Base allows the user to customize their space while overcoming the heaviness of the “panel system.”  This is achieved by raising the table component off the ground using a variety of leg designs.  The different leg designs also offer clients the option of arranging different private, functional spaces.

Base. Manufactured by Dynamobel.

The versatility of the Base collection helps create customizable spaces that can adapt to the needs of each company and their end users.  With options like auxiliary modules to house shared printers and supplies, workstations with adjustable height, to easily configured 4-person meeting spaces, Base can create a working environment to fit any company’s needs.  With the Base system, it is now possible to combine forms, materials and finishes, while allowing the workstation’s elements and functions to collaborate and change with the challenges of each project.

Base. Manufactured by Dynamobel.

About the Manufacturer: Dynamobel is a European manufacturer creating entire sets of office components (partitions, floors, ceilings, chairs, and furniture).  Always looking far ahead, Dynamobel strives to create made-to-measure solutions.  “Each project harmoniously combines design and functionality.”  Using their customer’s aspirations and tastes as inspiration, Dynamobel continuously works in collaboration with the customer to provide solutions that meet the end user’s specific requirements

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