Michael Shields Presents Swish for JSI

A cool breeze fluttering Aspen leaves on a late Spring day, the gentle touch of a fluffy dog’s tale, the soundless whoosh of a basketball falling through the air and the hoop, touching nothing but net. Manufacturer JSI aims for this sense of easy flow and intuitive passage with their new office suite. Aptly named Swish, the collection aspires toward a a “light, open aesthetic and collaborative team oriented work flow.”

Swish. Designed by Michael Shields. Manufactured by JSI.


An Intuitive, Collaborative Collection of Modular Office Components

Swish. Designed by Michael Shields. Manufactured by JSI.

With its multiple options for linking workstations, Swish is ideal for making the most out of a space. Especially in mind of today’s prevailing preference for open plans, Swish deeds tremendous versatility to suit a variety of work styles while enabling options for mixed groups—some of whom may prefer open plans while others might like a bit more privacy.

Swish. Designed by Michael Shields. Manufactured by JSI.

The collection is comprised of worktops, storage modules (low cabinets, drawers, and standing bureaus with shelves), and privacy screens. Table heights and depths are variable, so users may elect to construct a long flat expanse of shared space, or a smaller work area cordoned off with a tasteful frosted acrylic privacy screen.

Swish. Designed by Michael Shields. Manufactured by JSI.

Further, Swish’s worktop surfaces are all height adjustable, enabling customized workstations for those of varied bodily dimension, while also facilitating the ever-more-popular standing set-up.

Of course, Swish is well attuned to the wireless age. Subtly integrated data pass-throughs and power portals enable info. sharing and collaborative virtual workspaces, thus making Swish an attractive option for the contemporary paradigm of the office: “small footprint, easy electrical access... classic casegoods meet contemporary design with Swish's mixed materials, color pallet, light open layers and multi-functional surfaces.”

About the Manufacturer: Part of the Jasper Group family of brands, manufacturer JSI makes furniture for office. The company has outfitted a broad range of business interiors with a broad collection of casegoods, seating, worktops, tables, and portable storage modules. JSI’s comprehensive policy of sustainability has not gone unnoticed. They recently received a GSA Evergreen Award: “Jasper Group exceeded the competition within the Furniture Group with its proactive efforts in recycling, affirmative procurement and waste prevention.”


Posted June 8, 2012 by Joseph Starr

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