Macis Table-Desk by Opinion Ciatti

Macis Table-Desk by Opinion Ciatti

Selected for the ADI Design Index 2021, Lapo Ciatti’s Macis is designed to spice up the surroundings.

The product’s name translates as “mace,” as in the savory spice known for its distinctive sweetness and intense profile. Macis accordingly belongs with Opinion Ciatti’s “spices and sauces” furnishings that are singular pieces differing in aesthetic and function yet unified around the idea of a powerful identity: “a wide range of objects that can give any room a unique personality with their sheer presence and feel.”

Like the spice, Macis is versatile and adaptable yet leaves a singular impression. The streamlined design and rolling base make it easy to incorporate (and relocate) and its many options help it to fit in with a variety of interiors.

Apropos of the above, Macis features a pair of sliding extensions that simply fold into place—turning a desk into a table and pretty much doubling the amount of usable surface.

Other options include choice of wood or 100% recyclable, PVC-free eco PET top, the latter available in several colors.

Macis features a slim steel base. It also comes with an under-top drawer and a round cork panel, “to change the top geometry and become a notice board to pin down notes and ideas.”

Find out more at Opinion Ciatti.

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