Kimball International’s Om and Kolo Pods join National brand

Kimball International’s Om and Kolo Pods join National brand

The pod is here to stay and no one’s happier about it than Kimball International, whose pod and office phone booth category continues as part of their portfolio.

Kolo pod two two-person units side by side in open office

The spacious Kolo accommodates up to six guests in luxurious digs with fashion-forward finishes, built-in power, comfortable ventilation, personalized lighting, and retractable rollers that make relocation a breeze.

Kolo six-person pod with interior table and chairs

The more compact Om is a single-person respite, a quiet haven to take a deep breath and make that private phone call or just knuckle down and do some distraction-free, focused work. Kimball International offers Om in sit or stand versions.

Om single-person seated in lounge area
Om pods four of them in white against peach-colored wall

These dedicated privacy spaces have become a workplace mainstay, and Kolo and Om pods by National up the ante with premium materials, a modern aesthetic, an anti-eavesdrop design, limited-lifetime warranty, and even an ADA-compliant model—the right mix of elements so you can “work like nobody’s listening.”

Kolo ADA-compliant pod in open office

Get further details about Kolo and Om and read more about the brand at Kimball International.

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